Saturday, April 3, 2010

The post about the re-launch attempt and the red-neck dress shirts

Dear Blog,

  Hello after a long 5-6 months :O !! I know you have missed me, but obviously I'm a little bad at keeping up with you. SO let's try again! My excuses for not blogging are 1) I have a crap camera so my pictures are crappy and 2) I don't do crafts/ interesting things everyday so I would have nothing to write about
Since I am the only one who reads this and it is only for me to keep track of the things I make I have collected some pictures of things I've been doing and I'm going to attempt to kick off the blog again. AND onto the camera situation...since I have discovered picnik (only the greatest and easiest photo editing softwear (does blogger have spellcheck?) and this is coming from an attempted photoshop user) my pictures are a little better. I also am saving/ planning to get a newer fancy "amatuer photographer" DLSR or DSLR (WHATEVER its called)  camera in May so I can't use pictures as an excuse anymore.
without further ado.. here are the shirts I made for the boys to wear to my family's easter gathering
I call them the "red-neck dress shirts" because they aren't even easter colors, but I had a little bit of red bandana fabric that I wanted to use up and came across a red bandana tie applique that I had cut out months ago and never used

I got the idea from Cheri at the blog I am momma hear me roar , I sorta followed her "real men wear ruffles" tutorial for little Archer's onsie.

For Chase's larger T-shirt I just made a tie applique (which looked a little boring and plain on its own compared to Archie's) and added white tuxedo shirt ruffles.

P.S. I recently discovered Cheri's blog , it's newer and I LOVE IT  because she has two little boys as well so her crafts are boy related which is GREAT because there are SOOOOOmany cute girl projects out there, but not enough BOY LOVE!

P.S.S. Here is my adorable, smiley, little man... with his 3 teeth

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  1. Marie! Great work. I like how you made them match, but have different styles, too. Cute, cute boys! Thanks SO much for sending me the link! You are awesome!