Sunday, May 16, 2010

The post about the TWILIGHT bandwagon

Well even though I am only admitting it now, I jumped right on the Twilight phenomenon bandwagon a while ago. When I saw the first movie I didn't think it was that great, but then I read the books and like billions of others out there I was hooked. But I can't quite get a grip on calling myself a Twi-mom anytime soon (Shhh I know that's exactly what I am). I even made my husband take me to the midnight showing of New Moon. Poor guy was probably one of the 4 guys there -in a theater of 400 girls, women, and teens. LUCKY for me he enjoyed it and adores me enough to take me to the Eclipse showing as well. Now THAT is what I call love people!

Since I am now a devote follower of the vampire cult I might as well join the Twilight Crafting Cult.
Here are some of the Twilight Inspired crafts I've been working on lately. You can find some of them in my Etsy Shop...

The "Cullen-ize Me" digital artwork

The liquid topaz eyes, extreme beauty, alabaster skin, purple-ish bruises from hunger, alluring lips and hair.. YOU too can look like a Cullen! If you want to be Cullen-ized or even Volturi-ized, you can find it all here.

Eclipse Inspired Journals

the one on the right has an MD<3 in the upper corner because I made it for my cousin and those are her initials.

Blood Suckers  (get it? ha lame-o)

This was my first try making candy and I'll probably never try again. They look good and they tasted good (thanks to the raspberry extract), but I had some serious operator error getting them to the right temp and properly using the candy thermometer so they NEVER fully hardened and were sticky when I tried to package them. After 2 more trips to the grocery store for extracts and 1 more trip to Michael's for more sticks AND a THIRD attempt at making a batch, I gave up... You win this one homemade sucker demons!

I also did yellow ones which were either mint or vanilla flavored I can't remember, but they were supposed to resemble the Cullen's eyes.

Imprinted/ Imprintable Shirts

Inspired by the wolf pack's ability to Imprint on their true love, the options are "imprinted" for someone in a relationship and "imprintable" for the single ladies.

I did an "imprintable" shirt for a friends daughter and it was a little big so I gathered the sleeves and the neckline and tied the sides for a more glam look

I also did an "Imprinted" one for me to wear to the midnight showing, but then while I was in my 1am crafting- sleep deprived state I went overboard and turned it into a dress/tunic thing with some gathered satin fabric and the next morning when I awoke to my drunken-stupor creation I couldn't muster up the balls to wear it out in public.

An extra girls shirt (imprintable) and a regular black t-shirt (imprinted) are available.

That's all for now...  until we go see Eclipse (YES I am super excited, that one was my favorite book of the series) and I get some more crazy crafting into my head