Saturday, October 24, 2009

The post about why I have been MIA since the big start-up

So first of all I think I might try a little "post  theme" with my title's by starting the all with "The post about...." (Kind of like how f.r.i.e.n.d.s. episodes are called "the one with the...) examples "the post about the craft fair" "the post about Chase's new clothes" "the post about whatever".... do you think thats a dumb idea? Well since I have no followers yet and I am basically talking to myself I will answer my own question and say,.. I will give it a shot and see how soon it becomes annoying....back to business..

Second of all I havent written a post since I started this thing because I have been working my butt off crafting for my first craft fair today. The plan was to start finding out about these things, sign up (but only if the booth rental isnt expensive) and start selling my masterpieces every few weeks.... but I was let down by my big "opening"...

Me and my mom @ our booth

We (my mom and cousins) did not sell near as much as we thought we would, but it was also a rummage sale so maybe that caused a problem since people were there for rummage items and prices SO I will be giving it another shot... and at least I will have more stuff to put in my Etsy store now. Here are some pics of the table and craftiness-ess..

Trend extensions, button headbands, bowls,picture frames, baby bibs, tag krinkle toys, cake plates...

car seat sized baby blankets, fashion scarves, every occasion cards,...

Manequin display of a hippie button headband and a purple leopard extension... more extensions on table

My BIG hit... the colorful plastic bowls (look better in person, I'm going to have to invest in a better camera and photography skills)

The coffe cup cozy

Bibs galore..

Headbands that can be worn "hippie" style or "alice" style, some coffe cup cozys on top and a bowl on the bottom...

fashion scarves..

Top: American Girl Doll Clothes
Bottom: Sweet Tooth cupcake baby onsies...

and last but not least my purchase of knitted slippers for Chase, note the big toe already popping out on one! They were supposed to be for christmas because I wanted to get him some slippers that will stay on and he cant take off so he doesnt have to run around the house in socks all the time... but they wont fit for long so he'll need new ones by then

I also bought a cute crystalized kitten pin which I think I will put on a black satin headband and show on here soon
a HUGE bag full of random fabric, tulle, and 2 thick rolls of pink and purple flannel for the Greyson's Gift blankets. All for SUPER cheap.
now that this first craft fair is over I can get to work on my Greyson's Gift Project!

If any experienced blogger does happen to read this soon, I need HELP!
1. Why do my pictures take so long too load? and
2. Why do they look like such bad quality on here?

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