Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hello World- Marie the born again blogger has arrived

well i'm sitting here at 1:40 am writting this first "post" as my final step in setting up my blog. I had no idea this was going to take me HOURS to get running... but im finally done, without really starting at all as you can tell by this lame excuss for a post. And ( I know you aren't supposed to start sentences with "and" but its my blog and im doing it... also i wont be using much proper grammer as you may already know) ... AND I have 2 more blogs to set up soon :0... but definetly not tonight. Tom is next to me snoring and trying to block the computer screen light out of his eyes muahahah so I'd better log off after this BIG accomplishment. Keep in mind I am a Virgin Blogger and have no idea what I'm doing so hopefully this blogging phenomenon is simple.WISH ME LUCK....

I promise it will be better soon .... I will leave you with the latest picture of Chase & Archer xoxo

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